Slow Barcelona City Guide // EDITION 2

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I enjoy traveling without a guide book and am always a little too pleased with myself when I discover great places all on my own, I remain blissfully unaware  of their possible popularity among tourists. Strolling down from yet another Gaudi I made one such discovery of none other than Gracia Slow Shopping District. I fell in love with Gracia even before I knew that it was a district, the gorgeous boutiques, the little streets and just the general vibe of the place was so laid back with just the right amount of class and style. The shop that actually educated me on my being in a  Slow Shopping District was Verdejade. A quaint design boutique filled with a perfect collection of the latest designs from brands like Seletti to hand made products from local designers. This little part of the city is worth the stroll especially if you need a break from all the mega brand shopping found in Passeig de Gracia.

Among the many discoveries I made in the Ramblas are Xocoa Chocolaterie and Mirilla Tapas Bar. Xocoa is located Calle de Petritxol a tiny little street jam packed with bookshops, galleries, cafes and chocolate shops. Their eye-catching display of fine hand made chocolates was what dragged us inside. We were greeted by a jolly and humorous young man who gave every detail possible on all the chocolates we asked about and even gave us a taste of some. Our delicious and very satisfying choice was the Maricookie and  Broken Teeth.

Drawing you into Mirilla Tapas bar is a chalkboard daily menu hung at the entrance describing all the mouthwatering catalan delights. The ground floor of Mirilla is a bohemian style cafe bar with a warm and inviting vibe, the upstairs loft offers some privacy and a great overview of the whole place and the street below. One of the most delightful things about the place is the hospitality which is a one woman show run by a charismatic young waitress. Adding to the charm and slowness is the non existent menu or better said the menu is recited verbally to each and every customer. Our table choices included perfectly cooked Catalan Sausage, fresh Jamon Iberico sliced so thin it almost melts in your mouth all accompanied with a smooth house wine .

I hope you enjoyed the Barcelona Slow City Guides, the first city guide on A Bit Slow hopefully there will be more to come. In the meantime enjoy life, eat and travel more slowly.


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